Friday, 4 November 2011

NOTN - Models Own Golden Green Beetlejuice 2011

Well this I am afraid is a Nail Of The Night (in other words no more than an hour or two with this polish on my nails).

So I ordered this polish Models Own "Golden Green" from the Beetlejuice Collection launched November 1st 2011. I bought it from ASOS on 30th October and it arrived 1st November the day it was actually launched on Models Own website. Anyway I have been wearing my pretty pink leopard mani all week and it was holding out so well that I was reluctant to remove it to try this out. But as I do I got a little impatient and wanted to show you all. My apologies though as the photos have been taken indoors as no daylight outside.

The polish is aptly named "Golden Green" as the polish is a duo shimmer finish of both gold and green funnily enough! The application was good and I only required two coats for full coverage. Sadly I am not swooning with this colour and in fact the opposite! I am not really big on greens and shimmers for that matter but I thought I would break from the norm but sadly this mani will only last a short while as it really just isn't me! I can see the attraction to it though as it shines gold in some light and green in other. It is very pretty but just not for me!

I bought this polish because I thought it might be a dupe for Chanel's Peridot but I don't own Peridot so cannot compare. I have looked at swatches of Peridot online and I think it has more of a gold tone than this polish as this one I think is more green than gold.

What do you think? Have you been sucked in by Models Own Beetlejuice Collection ... What colours did you choose?

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