Friday, 11 November 2011

Midweek Nail Polish Haul - Superdrug & The Factory Shop

Good Afternoon Lovelies! This week I felt like cheering myself up and what better way ... Nail polish retail therapy!

During the week I ventured into town and went to The Factory Shop and stumbled across two Revlon Glitter Polishes. One is called "Galaxy" - looks in the bottle to be a clear/blue base with large holographic hexagon glitter and holographic and blue glitter flecks. The other is called "Star" - looks like a clear/lilac base with pewter coloured silver and lilac glitter flecks and large holographic hexagon glitter. Both of these polishes are Topcoats so would be perfect for layering! I snapped them up at a bargain price of £1.50 each. I can't wait to try them out for the party season!

Next up I visited Superdrug (whilst the 3 for 2 on cosmetics promotion is on). I bought NYC In A Minute Quick Dry Topcoat "Grand Central Station" (£1.79) - heard on the grapevine that this is a cheaper alternative to Seche Vite. Apparently it dries as quick but isn't as glossy though! Thought it would be worth a try. I also bought NYC In a Minute Quick Dry "Park Ave" (£1.79) - a lovely taupe colour and this was what I chose as my freebie as I snapped up two Topcoats and got this one for free.

I also browsed the Andrea Fulerton stand and bought the Gemstone Overcoat (£4.99) which is a flakie and has iridescent pink/gold/orange tones! Looks so beautiful I cannot wait to try it out. I also bought Andrea Fulerton Dot & Flick Pen Polish in Black (£3.99) which is my favourite nail art pen so I purchased this one as a back up. Again these polishes were on the 3 for 2 offer so I picked up another Gemstone overcoat.

Stay tuned to see swatches of the above soon!

Have you tried any of the above?

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