Sunday, 27 November 2011

NOTD - Revlon Starry Pink

Hey lovelies!

Well today I am wearing a polish that has been a huge lemming for me! Unfortunately this is not available in the UK and so I have been lusting for this for a while! I also wanted the Revlon Blue Mosaic and fortunately I met a lovely lady via Facebook from the US who was willing to go and purchase these and send them on to me (I cannot tell you how much that made my day!) For those of you that don't know me I have a four and a half month old baby girl and am currently on maternity leave. My polish obsession started at the beginning of my pregnancy and since I had my baby girl nail polish is now my treat to myself in place of clothes (I am a reformed shopaholic but now a self confessed polishaholic) - at least it is a less expensive luxury! Painting my nails has fast replaced retail therapy with nail therapy providing me with some much needed "me" time! I have met fellow polishaholics (yes I am not alone in this) and have formed some good friendships and have been able to share knowledge and to help one another out which has meant a lot to me and to have met this lovely lady I am so thankful! She is so great she has got me some other requests that are being posted out today! Anyway, enough of the soppy stuff and onto the polish ...

I could not wait to try Starry Pink and once it arrived it looked even more gorgeous than I had remembered! As this is such a beauty I obviously want it to last so before I used this polish I painted my nails with two coats of OPI's "Step Right Up" which is a very sheer pale pink and with two coats not enough to reach opacity. I stopped at two coats though as I didn't want slabs for fingernails! I then applied two coats of Revlon's Starry Pink, the polish is a sheer milky pale pink base with tiny silver glitter particles and large silver hexagons. The application was very effortless especially for a glitter polish it applied wonderfully! After two coats I was happy that I had reached opacity and so I applied a topcoat and I must say I am surprised that with just one layer of topcoat this glitter polish is very smooth to the touch!

Did Starry Pink live up to my expectations ... Well in my opinion this polish is "AMAZEBALLS"!!!! I am astounded with this delicate beauty, it is subtle and elegant and super princess pretty! Perfect for the party season! I am so grateful to the lovely lady who got this for me as I absolutely adore it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

What do you think?

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  1. Ohh I love this :) Might have to add it to my wish list, thanks for sharing!