Sunday, 11 December 2011

PCF - Christmas Challenge Day 11 - Christmas Wrapping

Good morning lovelies!

Well today is day 11 of the Purple Crumpet Fairy group's Christmas Challenges. I am showcasing my current manicure for today's challenge albeit not being much of a challenge for me as I haven't really put too much effort into this one at all. Having said that, when I think of Christmas wrapping I think of glitter, holographic, pretty wrapping! This year I have wrapped presents with silver holographic paper and black holographic ribbon (perhaps I should have re-created that look onto my nails!) Oh well, guess I was too eager to try out one of my un-trieds and here I bring to you ... Revlon's "Blue Mosaic".

For this manicure firstly I painted my nails with a base colour using China Glaze's "Towel Boy Toy". It was my first time using this and I am disappointed with it. Basically, it's a neon blue that dries matte and is of a watery consistency making it streaky and bald in spots even with two coats. Anyway, I stopped at the two coats as I knew I would be layering. To layer on top I used Revlon "Blue Mosaic" which is a clear base polish with bright micro blue glitter particles and large blue, silver and green hexagon glitters packed in. I used two coats of this polish and encountered no problems with the application and was very happy with how opaque it applied covering the ugly base I had used.

Overall, I am pleased with the combo as I believe they work well and look good together. My nails feel very wintry looking and I feel like an ice queen. I think it looks so pretty and will definitely wear again. I'm not a huge lover of blue but I am loving this!

Not sure I have achieved the "wrapping" theme exactly but the moral is I like to give and receive pretty wrapped gifts and I liked this look a lot on it's own so was too scaredy cat to add some freehand nail art!

What do you think?

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  1. such a pretty colour. I wish i picked this up when i got Starry Pink now...