Friday, 2 December 2011

NOTD - Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge - Jelly Sandwich

Hey lovelies!

Today I have participated in the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge for the theme "Jelly Sammich".

For the base coat I am wearing my existing manicure Essie's "Ladylike" (please see previous post). To create the sandwich I used OPI's Rainbow Connection (spangly rainbow glitter) for the scrummy filling! For the top layer of bread I used OPI's "It's a Girl" this is a sheer pale pink colour which muted the glitter but you can still see all the glitter underneath it's just not as sparkly!

Personally, I am not overly keen on this as a combination and wont be rushing to repeat this one again! It was fun to do especially not knowing what the outcome would be though! I just wish I had chose the bread more carefully!

I am looking forward to my first contribution to the group's 31 days of Christmas challenge which will be tomorrow's "Snowglobe" themed manicure so keep a look out and it's not too late to come join the group "Purple Crumpet Fairy" over on Facebook!

What do you think of this jelly sandwich?