Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My fave topcoat "Seche Vite"

Good afternoon lovelies!

Today I do not have a new mani to show you all but I just wanted to let everyone know a little bit about my favourite topcoat!

For those of you lacquer-heads that read/follow my blog you will no doubt already know all about the infamous "Seche Vite" but to all of those in the dark including some of my friends and family I thought I would let you in on my secret! I am forever asked "how do you manage to paint your nails so much with a 5 month old baby?". Well it's all down to good old "Seche Vite". I heard about Seche Vite being the world's best topcoat back in March of this year. I purchased my very first bottle from ASOS at £9.99 (I have now sourced it cheaper from Sally's and EBay at around £5-£6).

Now this topcoat is AMAZING as it offers everything I am looking for in a top coat. It dries super quick drying all layers of polish beneath it, it has a super glossy finish and I don't seem to get any chips with it!

Some flaws I might encounter from time to time is minor shrinkage and minor tip wear! I can honestly say I have never used a topcoat as good as this and I have raved about it so much to many of people that I think Seche Vite ought to put me on commission.

There is one major flaw as when you get half way down the bottle it becomes thick and gloopy and starts to drag your nail polish and I would normally just repurchase another bottle. I now have 4 half used bottles and so caved and bought a bottle of "Seche Restore".

Seche Restore is a lacquer thinner and is used by adding a few drops into your Seche Vite bottle then roll the bottle allowing it to replace lost chemicals and wow there you have it your gloopy Seche Vite is like new again! I picked up Seche Restore off EBay brand new for less than £6 Inc postage! Well worth it as it has revived four bottles and there is so much more left!

So basically the moral of this post is if you don't own this fabulous topcoat I think you need it!

Do you already own it? Let me know what you think of it?


  1. I love SV almost half-way through my first bottle so i'm glad to know the restore works well

  2. I love seche vite too is the only top coat I use but the smell is horrible

  3. Definitely Kerrie you need to get some to revive your SV. I forgot to mention in this post that the smell is strong - I suppose having used it so much I have just got used to it x