Monday, 19 March 2012

Weekend Nail Haul and Nail Mail

Hey Lovelies!

Well the inevitable has finally happened - I broke my middle nail right down below the smile line on my right hand this morning :( so today I bring you a new type of post other than swatches I am going to show you what I bought at the weekend and what I received in today's mail.

So late last week and this weekend I ventured to Poundland after a tip-off that they had been selling Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes in the newer bottles. I was desperate to locate some and am so glad I did, look what I found ...

L-R - Casting Call, Eel Skin, Barracuda, Camelia, Delphinium, First Kiss and Model Behaviour. They are all cremes and I cannot wait to try them out - I am still in shock at how cheap they are as they are usually about £6.99 each!

Also, whilst in Poundland I also stumbled across these little beauties ...

L-R - Revlon Top Speed Metallic 860, Revlon Topspeed Stormy 820, Revlon Touch of Mauve 100 and Revlon Craving Coral 902. What a bargain considering Revlon's usually retail at £6.99 too!

Also, at the weekend I bought H&M's "Blue My Mind" which looks so gorgeous in the bottle and from swatches online, Blue My Mind cost £2.99 and I think I shall be wearing this very soon! Also, today I received my Pretty&Polished polishes that I bought from the store on Etsy. These are custom franken polishes and the ones I chose were "Jawbreaker", Chelsea Chelsea Bling Bling" and "Party on my Yacht". I cannot tell you how excited I am try these out they look so amazing!! The bottles are so cute!

Ok, so last but not least ... once I heard about the new Nails Inc gift and then once I saw it I thought it was just too cute to pass up. I knew I wanted a back up bottle of Baker Street so took the plunge and placed an order. I also purchased a trio gift set and some other gifts for swaps
(not shown). The free gift consisted of a cute neon skull cosmetic bag which is also neon orange lined and I really like the quality too! Also, a Skull nail file and two full size polishes:- "Sumner Place" and "Wellington Square". On the bottom row pictured are:- "Baker Street", "Henrietta Street", "Eagle Street" and "Chalk Farm". I had to spend £35 to qualify for the free gift and there were a few other options to choose from.

After collecting all of these polishes together to take photos I never realised I had bought so many in such a short space of time and now I am presented with a dilemma of which one to try first? Any help or preference of which ones you would like to see?

Do you like to see nail haul posts as I am considering whether to post more in future? x


  1. I think you should use jawbreaker :) it looks sooo pretty and I love seeing haul pics <3

    1. Ooohhh good I am glad you love to see hauls and I have decided I will post more up in the future. Also, guess what I have on my nails now ... Jawbreaker - thank you for helping me make up my mind. It looks gorgeous despite my broken down middle nail and I will be posting swatches on Wednesday so keep an eye out!!! x

  2. LOVELY Varnishes! I actually did an inspirational post on my blog Please Comment!( Ialso have a banner of on my blog would you mind clicking it for me to win the giveaway sponsorship) it'd mean the world to me so that I could make a giveaway for you my lovely followers!

  3. oohThanks for the tip off Zoe, I know where I will be going tomorrow! XX

  4. I love seeing what people buy.receive. It gives me ideas of products that I may like :)

    Click here to get your daily buzz!

    Sarah xoxo

  5. Hauls are good! Esp when it comes to tips about bargain polishes!

  6. Lurv polish hauls from other people, it reminds me there are other people out there who buy 20 polishes in 1 week so I don't feel so bad! I'd love to see the nails Inc ones ASAP. Great haul hon!

  7. I was quite disappointed with my last trip to £land. I managed to pick up Delphinium and Revlon Emerald City but for the most part the polishes looked like they'd been lying on their side for about 5 years!